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At Top Dog Training we strive to provide clients with the very best of anything dog related. Whether you are looking for a new family dog, a protection dog, an industrial security dog, we can help. Maybe you just want to teach your dog some movie tricks,or rehabilitate your problem dog we do that too. 









What I feed my dogs


Outpost Raw Dog Food

Outpost is a raw dog food subscription service for dog lovers in Vancouver, BC.

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There is nothing more exciting than a German Shepherd puppy. Warning: The pictures you are about to see are really cute.


Using the best techniques in the world, we ensure that no matter what state your dog is in when it comes to us, it will leave here an angel.

We rescued Allie from a shelter in Texas, with very limited information on her. I was referred to Doug Leaf, having heard he has helped rehabilitate many dogs into new homes and environments. Working with him has been very rewarding, as he is incredibly intuitive and knowledgable. He also commands the attention of any dog, while doing it in a calm and reassuring manner. He also trains the owner how to direct the dog, so they can command that same presence with the dog. He has made this transition of a new rescue dog into a very positive experience. I would highly recommend him to any future dog owner, whether it is a new puppy, or an old rescue dog.
— Brittany Adair

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